It is the honor of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Merit Board to recognize two deputies with the Life Saving Award. Below you will find the citations detailing two of our deputies most recent heroic activities while working for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.
(Photo L to R) Merit board members Larry Muncie, Nancy Michaels, Cpl Ducker, Deputy Deal, members Russ Evans, Tony Detro, and Mike Dean.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Christopher Reeves
Deputy Deal
On May 2, 2023 at 19:32 hours Officers from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Cloverdale Police Department, PC EMS Medic 5 and Cloverdale Fire Department were dispatched to Cloverdale, IN on an attempted suicide. While in route information shared with emergency services included a severe cut on the wrist with serious bleeding. Once officers arrived on the scene Deputy Josh Deal placed a tourniquet on the injured arm. The patient was later flown from the scene via Stat Flight Air Ambulance.
On May 4, 2023 I received an email from Deputy Chief of PC EMS Anthony Taylor regarding the incident on May 2, 2023. Deputy Chief Taylor states in his email; “Deputy Josh Deal’s quick application of a CAT Tourniquet on May 2nd not only was this the correct use of the tourniquet, but it likely prevented a potentially fatal loss of blood from the patient’s arm.”
Sgt. Anthony Brown with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department stated the following in his recommendation for Life Saving Award. “Deputy Deal’s quick thinking, while arriving to a very chaotic scene, saw the need to apply a tourniquet to the subject’s arm. Deputy Deal placed the tourniquet above the bicep and was able to control the bleeding to the injured area, saving the subject’s life.”
Corporal Ducker
On May 6, 2023 at 16:34 hours Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Cloverdale IN on a possible overdose. While in routes deputies were advised that CPR was in progress on a 28-year-old female. Upon the arrival of Corporal Scott Ducker, he administered one dose of Narcan in the nostrils of the female. Once the Narcan was administered the female started coming out of her overdose. The female became combative as the result and ended up being arrested by Corporal Ducker.
Sgt. Anthony Brown with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department stated the following in his Recommendation for Life Saving Award for Corporal Scott Ducker; “Corporal Ducker responded quickly arriving at the residence within eight minutes of being dispatched. Corporal Ducker proceeded up to the patient and acted quickly, administering one dose of Narcan. Corporal Ducker radioed dispatch and advised the patient was coming around. Due to Corporal Ducker’s quick actions on arriving and administering Narcan, I believe he played a key role in saving the patient’s life. It is my recommendation, that Corporal Scott Ducker be recognized for a Life Saving Award.”
Deputies have a responsibility to perform their job at a high level of excellence. During these work-related events, some people will be arrested, some will be helped, and on rare occasions like these, people will be saved. Thank you for your continued service to both the profession and the People of Putnam County.
Sheriff Jerrod Baugh