The Putnam County Sheriff's Merit Board recently awarded two deputies with department's Life Saving Award.
(Photo L to R) Tony Detro, Nancy Michael (Board Members), Captain Doug Nally and Deputy Josh Boller, Mike Dean (Board President).

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Christopher Reeves
Below you will find the citation for your deputies actions. JB
March 27, 2023
To: Sheriff Jerrod E. Baugh
Subject: Letter of Commendation/Life Saving Award
Sheriff Baugh:
On March 3, 2023 at approximately 1320 Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department (JTVFD) and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department responded to a vehicle swept away by swift water from heavy rainfall at 2493 South County Road 1000 east in Jefferson Township. Fire Chief Rick Cooper arrived on the scene at approximately 1334 with Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies Josh Boller and Capt. Doug Nally arriving shortly after. A vehicle was located in the swollen water with the nose down with water covering the dash and front seats. The driver’s door was against a tree and could not be open, the passenger side was against the swift water and could not be open. There were two occupants located in the rear seat of the SUV.
Deputy Josh Boller quickly removed his duty belt, donned a life vest and secured to his waist a water rescue rope provided by Fire Chief Rick Cooper. Deputy Boller entered the swift water while Capt. Doug Nally guided him into the water via the rope. Deputy Boller made his way over to the vehicle in water above his head, positioned himself between the SUV and the tree while Capt. Nally maintain control of the rope while in knee to waist deep water. Deputy Boller was able to break out the passenger rear window. Deputy Boller was able to pull a female victim from the vehicle through the window. The female victim held onto the rope to keep their head above water and made her way to the bank where she was assisted by Capt. Doug Nally, JTVFD Asst. Chief Buddy Tincher and JTVFD firefighter Charles Tincher out of the swift water and onto the bank. Deputy Boller was able to pull a male victim from the vehicle through the window and he was able to make his way to the bank in the same manner as the female by Capt. Doug Nally, JTVFD Asst. Chief Buddy Tincher and JTVFD firefighter Charles Tincher. Once all victims were removed from the vehicle, Deputy Boller and others removed themselves from the water.
Sgt. Riley Houghton with the PCSD stated in his Letter of Commendation “Had it not been for your courage and ability to quickly resolve this life-threatening incident, these two individuals would have not survived. Your decisive actions and complete disregard for your own safety reflected a positive image of yourself, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and saved two human lives.”
JTVFD Fire Chief Rick Cooper stated “I would like to commend Deputies Josh Boller, Capt. Doug Nally, and JTVFD personnel Charles Tincher and Buddy Tincher for their selfless acts of heroism and risking their own lives to save other. They are truly the definition of heros in my eyes. This was a very urgent and dangerous rescue given the poor conditions.”
For your actions on March 3, 2023, you are being recognized this evening with a Life Saving Award!
Respectfully Submitted,
Chief Deputy Thomas Sutherlin
Putnam County Sheriff’s Department